Disc jellyfish No.3


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Art print on tile in ceramic firing: scratch resistant, lightfast, heat resistant

Our decorative tiles from the series Ernst Haeckel show life in the sea as a modern design. Inhabitants of the oceans such as jellyfish, cnidarians, sea anemones and starfish, as well as microscopic radiolarians form oriental-looking ornaments. The vivid patterns are formed from scientific illustrations by the German zoologist Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919). His book Art Forms of Nature (1904) greatly influenced the art of the first half of the 20th century. The tile designs of this series form the backgrounds of our art tiles (15x15cm) and larger tile pictures as tile mirrors.

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Inspired by the visual language of traditional Portuguese-Spanish wall tiles (azulejos), our designs combine ornamental play with realistic imaging. Scientific representations of different eras merge into new images that tell their own story. We play with the contrasts of science and art. Thus the ornaments of our tile pictures are composed of elements of Ernst Haeckel's scientific drawings. Because with Haeckel both spheres find each other. The love of nature grows into a curiosity about its essence and expresses itself in a wonderful way in the depiction of its forms and structures. Art and science are no longer a contradiction. Rather, they go hand in hand.


All our tile pictures are handmade in our workshop in Berlin and are fired at temperatures around 800 degrees in the ceramic kiln. The result is not only beautiful but also robust with a silky-matte sheen and deep coloration. Our ceramic firing tiles are scratch resistant, heat resistant and lightfast. The tiles can be treated with common household cleaning agents.


You can integrate all of our ceramic firing art prints into a tile backsplash without hesitation. With just a few elements (eye catchers) you can make your kitchen or bathroom even more beautiful. For larger projects, please feel free to contact us at: anfrage@santa-tosta.com


The tiles can also be used as particularly decorative table coasters. We are happy to include a small hook with adhesive instructions in the package. You can use it to hang the tiles on any wall as a wall decoration.


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