SANTA TOSTA | the art of tile |

Welcome to our website!

SANTA TOSTA tiles are artistically designed and handcrafted in Berlin-Gesundbrunnen. In our motifs we combine the art of scientific illustration with traditional ceramics.

With bold colors and elegant shapes, each tile tells a little story of natural science. Antique motifs become a small work of art through contemporary design!

Our tiles can be hung, tiled in or used as coasters, depending on the technique.

You can find an overview of our tile pictures and decor tiles in our store.

You can find impressions and impressions of the market hustle and bustle of the last years on Facebook or Instagram.

Under the categories workshop and interior design you can find more information about our artistic work.

We greet you warmly from Berlin

Cristina Artola, Tim Schintlholzer

SANTA TOSTA | the art of tile |