Interior design | custom design

Our tile designs have inspired you? You would like to realize your own ideas? Are you planning a new kitchen or bathroom?

At: you can tell us your ideas. We will be happy to advise you and answer any questions you may have about our products and services. However, some questions can perhaps already be answered here.

Technical aspects

For decorative tile backsplashes in the kitchen and bathroom, we fire our motifs onto square ceramic tiles in 10 x 10 cm and 15 x 15 cm sizes. Our printing processes are optimized with regard to the selected tile types. This accounts for a large proportion of the quality of our products. The prints are impressively detailed. Flowing color gradations with clear contours and lines draw the finest details with a silky matte sheen and deep coloration. Tile pictures as ceramic firing are light and temperature resistant. The motifs are scratch-resistant.

We offer a gradual individualization of our motifs for your needs. No matter whether it should be a border, individual elements, larger areas or even a whole wall? We will be happy to advise you to create together the most beautiful room. Write to us at: and you are already a good deal closer to your individual living ideas.

Design aspects

SANTA TOSTA | the art of tile | stands as a brand for a design concept. We do not simply print motifs on tiles. We create designs with tiles. We make art with tiles. Whether triggerfish in a swarm of algae, chameleon in a branch of cob jellyfish or astro/cosmonaut in the microcosm of ray animals, our designs are tailor-made for the tile, so to speak, or, to put it another way, they only work in conjunction with the tile as the image carrier.

We take this fundamental attitude with us into all our projects. With us, the tiles have a say. Whether as a tile picture for wall decoration, as a tile mirror or larger mural in the bathroom or kitchen, in the sauna, bedroom or living room, work or entertainment room. We look forward to supporting you with our creative expertise as a team of artists and designers in the realization of your ideas. Our concept plus your idea and quite possibly a new work of art with tiles is created.